Rize Sales Store Opened

Rize Sales Store Opened

Hazelnut Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Association (FISKOBIRLIK) Rize Sales Shop, official ceremony held the official ceremony.

Fındık Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union (FİSKOBİRLİK) Rize Sales Shop, made by businessmen Şeref Kayış, has opened the official opening on Menderes Boulevard in Portakallık District.

FİSKOBİRLİK Rize Sales Shop Operator Businessman Şeref Kayış, President of Personnel Department Head Ahmet Minder, Hazelnut Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union (FİSKOBİRLİK) Chairman of the Board Av. Lütfi Bayraktar, Rize Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans Union Chairman Muammer Atılgan, FİSKOBİRLİK managers, politicians, business people, invited people and citizens attended.

FİSKOBİRLİK Chairman of the Board Av. Lütfi Bayraktar stated that FİSKOBİRLİK is one of the biggest agricultural associations in the world and said "FİSKOBİRLİK is also the world's biggest hazelnut agricultural income. So it is a very important union and an important organization. Most importantly, it is the establishment of the own sons of this country, a cooperative operation. We and ours like us take over here from time to time. These institutions are the manufacturer of all the gains, the common, the transferor will people living in Turkey, some positive values ​​are added to their labor agency employees. This is actually all of us in this sense. Here FİSKOBİRLİK as belong to everyone living in Turkey. "He said.
Recalling that FISKOBIRLIK did not earn money as its first goals Av. Bayraktar, "We have a claim to make money, of course. Why? If we win, we will be able to contribute more. But to ensure that these institutions live in the sense that they are a victim of the producers of these institutions in the first place and meanwhile, to pass down a culture to future generations in the sense of reducing the strains they suffer. Fiskobirik has 50 stores from Ordu to Trabzon in this region under the name of Fiskomar, in discount style. Our products are sold there. In this sense, this is our 11th branch. "

Bayraktar said that FİSKOBİRLİK is recovering and trying to add new products to its treasure, saying "FİSKOBİRLİK is recovering, trying to expand its product range by adding new products to its treasury. We are trying to build a new facility in Giresun, Fiskobilik's production facilities. We have a duty to keep these institutions alive by making a coalition. We are trying to do that too. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the opening of this place, especially Seref and everyone who has passed the test. Make good auspicious. I hope we will continue to grow together. "
President Ahmet Minder, President of the Department of Personnel, spoke before the opening ceremony and wished that the tea and hazelnut would be a symbol of his brotherhood in the workplace where business man Şeref Kayış would make his business. "Tea and hazelnut are two indispensable economic elements of the Black Sea region. Here they met together in the sales department. A very nice place where tea and hazelnut are together. It's very nice. I wish to earn a lot from hell. I would like to thank FİSKOBİRLİK management for helping to open such a place in Rize. Do not embarrass Allah with the honorable gain of his sister Kays. "
After the conversations, FİSKOBİRLİK Rize Sales Shop where hazelnut and hazelnut products were sold for Çaykur products was opened to service by Bayraktar, Mattress, Belt and FİSKOBİRLİK managers.