What is nuts

What is nuts

The edges of simple, rounded leaves are double-threaded, pointed. Flowers open in the spring just before the leaves. It's a chick. male flowers are cats in yellow color with a length of 5-12 cm. Female flowers are very small, hiding in buds during winter, red color 1-3 mm long. The fruit is 1-2 cm in length 1-2.5 cm in length and contains a glass that completely or partially surrounds the shell. The shape and structure of the cup is important in the identification of hazelnut species

Growing Conditions Humid and humous land loves the mild winters. Annual 1000-2000 mm. hazelnut is damaged in temperatures below 2 degrees centigrade. Don events reduce the quantity and quality of the product.

Growth areas Hazelnut is where the eastern Black Sea where the best growing conditions in the world commercial value is obtained from the high hazelnut Trabzon and Giresun-Ordu Karadeniz 80% Region of nuts in yapılır.türkiye as a single farm type of monoculture in the provinces. Giresun, Army, Trabzon east of the black sea, Sakarya, Bartın, Zonguldak western part of the black sea is grown. Turkey, up to 62-65% of the world hazelnut production birincidir.düny hazelnut production in Turkey Turkey is yetiştit karşılar.ayrı of the world's best quality and tasty nuts

In Turkey, highest quality, most delicious, most randumanl R smoke Hazelnut humidity, a volume that is used is to measure the oil and quality hazelnut how moisture and the oily If randumanı so yüksektir. high randu bearing 55 randum of birimdir.gire are nuts those 53 to 55 unit.

Benefits of Fındığı It is a very good source of energy, giving strength and energy to the body and eliminating body and mind fatigue. Hazelnut, heart and vein is very useful in terms of health. lowering cholesterol, helping to regulate heart rhythm. Regularly eating hazelnuts every day is very effective in reducing the risk of heart attack. It is good for cancer, it promotes body and bone development. Hazelnut foods are very useful for pregnant women as well as for children to be born. Hazelnut is also useful for colds and lung diseases. In addition, it is known that the skin is beautiful. Its important feature is that it is very good for cancer