Mission Vision

Mission Vision


It is necessary to purchase hazelnut harvests that our partners have grown and to treat them as hazelnut and hazelnut products in accordance with customer expectations and taste in a modern, healthy and hygienic environment, to constantly improve every work and process and to bring them to perfection and to buy and store hazelnuts to improve the capacity, to market the products to the domestic and international markets, and to provide the maximum benefit to the producer partners. "


To be one of the leading companies in the sales and marketing of the food industry, especially in the hazelnut sector, primarily to train the best quality hazelnut in the world with our constantly changing and developing our open and customer focused structure. to provide our customers with the best quality products with the best service understanding with the support given by our common producer,

Our producer partners are to create a sustainable and competitive Union and cooperative structure in order to provide the most benefit in marketing the production process and products.